Bug? Short tracks don't get marked as played

Track 1 here: Resonate is only 24 seconds long.

So when I play it, it doesn’t get a dot on the 3x3 square that shows number of plays.

I guess that is not intended?

Apologies if this is reported elsewhere, I did look but couldn’t find anything.

Wonder if that’s related to the fact short tracks under 45 seconds are not considered “played” in terms of payments (effectively all tracks below 45 seconds are free on Resonate which could prove problematic for several subgenres) and if the API handles “has been played” and “needs to have a first payment” the same way.

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I can see how this could turn into something complicated!

I suspect you are right, tha it’s to do with 45 seconds.

If I’ve listened all the way through, should that count as a listen for the artist and for the listener to use a partial credit? What if the song is 10seconds?

Should artists accept that short songs are always free?

And so on …

I guess some of this has been discussed before elsewhere?

Yes and we haven’t found a good solution for it yet honestly. (I should mention that it’s an issue that’s fundamentally always going to happen when fixing a universal value on products that, despite belonging to the same art field, have potentially nothing in common, and that I personally always refer to as “the original sin” of Resonate and the streaming industry in general)

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Technically it’s possible to send a “registered play” event when a song finishes playing, so it should be fairly easy to say "if at the end of the song we haven’t “registered” this song, send an event.