Wrong release year shown in Player when date is 01-January

I recently uploaded some releases by an artist who only specified a release year. As recommended in the Uploading music submissions handbook, I entered January 1 for the date of that year.

  • When I review the release on the Dashboard, it shows the correct year (e.g. 2017).
  • When I edit the release, it shows the correct date (e.g. 01-01-2017).
  • When I view the release in the Player, it shows the previous year (e.g. 2016).
  • If I edit the release date to February 1, the correct year is shown in the Player.
  • if I edit the release date to January 2, the correct year is shown in the Player.

Taking a wild guess that this is time zone related?


Flagging for inclusion in upload handbook. Delete when fixed.

I guess we should use a proper date parser to avoid this issue. (timezone)

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