Worker retrospective

Good: What worked well in the past week? When did you feel energized, happy, productive?

Bad: What could have been better? What felt irritating, frustrating, or inefficient?

Change: What can we improve? What will we do differently in the next week?

Resonate is not a machine. Each week the humans contributing sustained time and attention as workers at Resonate are invited to gather and reflect on the previous week’s work. Our emotional experience and live, authentic connections with co-workers is the key area of focus for this session. It can get lonely out there in screenland. Also joyous. This is a place to share those peak and valleys and the spaces in-between.

The agenda is simple. We take about 10 minutes to gather and say hello. Someone will offer to Facilitate the session, ideally someone who hasn’t facilitated in a while. They will explain the process and then invite someone to share briefly (1 - 2 mins) what moments stood out recently as highlights or wins for them in or around their work with the co-op. That person will share and when done pass ‘popcorn-style’ to someone else until whole circle has checked-in. (It is fine to pass if one doesn’t feel like speaking. Resonate is a voluntary association.)

After everyone else has contributed, the Facilitator will share their own ‘Goods’ and then invite someone to start the circle back through sharing a minute or two about difficult, scary or irritating experiences.

After everyone else has had a chance to share their ‘Bads’ the Facilitator will invite someone to start the circle around sharing a change or improvement they would like to see in the week ahead. It might be something they want to be working on or something different they would like to see in the Co-op. Ideally something specific and tangible. Something that could be done by the next week’s session.

The meeting ends at the top of the hour unless all those present agree to extended it for a specific amount of time.

The meeting is intended to be private for the participants only to share in real-time. No notes or recordings are kept.

Boarding flight shortly. Sorry will not make the call today.

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dealing with some water damage so can’t be on this morning ! a little bit of a slower week but continuing to work on draft resolutions, updated chartering and membership change processes, and will continue to research options for real times comms this weekend!

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Sorry, I won’t be able to join - on a train with an unreliable signal…

So this week:

  • Corporation Tax submissions prepared (€1700 tax liability arising)
  • Register of Beneficial Ownership updated
  • Working on next epic / roadmap (in progress)
  • Meeting with which was well worth getting up for :blush:



@Hakanto @brndnkng @melis_tailored @sganesh @Nick_M

Enjoy these summer days and nights. I’ll look forward to seeing you all Monday replenished.


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here’s the TRUST Community Engagement Report for our review at this upcoming weekly retrospective. see y’all there!


Hope to see everyone at the retrospective today :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

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won’t be on today! taking a friend to the doctor


Thanks again to @brndnkng for facilitating the retrospective this past Friday. If any @workers are interested in facilitating this Friday’s meetup, speak up! The retrospective is a very straightforward format so it’s a great place to get started with learning how to facilitate (a skill we all should learn!)

had a late work night so won’t be there today (a little exhausted, so sorry). Can’t wait to see what comes out of it!


Looking forward to this week’s closure. Please come through if you can. Next week if you can’t.



I’ll be there :herb:

Here for it. :v:t4:

Goods: Marco and what y’all bring to it.

Bads: The pain of the work at so many levels.

Change: Close the loops. Always think about how to give the freedom to others to move in the best way.

apologies for missing the retrospective.

had that presentation dumb early my time and was completely exhausted by time of our call

goods: NGI TRUST requirements complete!

bads: whole process and accountability of team could have gone a lot better. super appreciate @Hakanto and @sganesh stepping in last minute to support. also would have been nice to have the completed final report to look towards and prep for our presentation than receiving it minutes before i actually presented.

change: be clear earlier about my needs related to a given project. make sure work (especially work related to grants) isn’t happening in silos so group accountability can support it’s execution. i.e. posting in the forum checklist/timelines and outlaying tasks per individuals designated to take on specific portions

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Good session today with @Hakanto @brndnkng @richjensen and @LLK

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en route to maine and won’t be able to make it – hope the meeting goes well!! have a great weekend


@richjensen Could you run this week’s session?

Sure. We’ll run this week’s session respecting the weekend’s Daylight Saving time shift in UK/Europe so an hour later than usual in North America, ie 2021-11-05T16:00:00Z .

I have a conflicting event today.

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