Listener Sunday :)

Since Sunday nights are sorta slow, I have made a commitment :honeybee: to log on to the platform Sunday night and interact with the platform by sharing a playlist or just playing a track.

We can listen apart or listen together :slight_smile: .


aight, first selection for DJ boopboop.

This playlist was inspired by the music people play at my gym. It’s mostly an excuse to listen to Mortal Soul.

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I love this idea. Thank you for taking this up. :slight_smile:


For the first Sunday of 2021 -

tracks from the prolific @topshelfrecords !

He / they have been writing a lot about web3 and working on this pretty cool project. Great essay here as well: Participation as Catalyst


this weekend just straight

starting off with

checking out this singer-songwriter this weekend

I’m gearin’ up for Listener Sunday tonight :wine_glass:

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