Emoji characters in uploader About field will cause album creation failure

If the “Liner Notes / Description / Story” portion of an artist’s metadata spreadsheet includes an emoji character (or at least the :woman_shrugging:t6: character in the submission I just processed), the “About” field will allow you to paste it in and will show it correctly. However, pressing the “Continue” button after entering all the data and checking the two acknowledgement boxes will not cause the new release to actually be created. Likewise, the uploader does not proceed to the next screen for uploading tracks.

Editing the text in the “About” field didn’t seem to make it happy; I wound up starting over with a new browser tab and using the plain-text “¯_(ツ)_/¯” shrug instead.


issue created https://github.com/resonatecoop/uploader/issues/14


@boopboop - Is the uploader repo not public?

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