Accounts and personas

Resonate is currently set up on Wordpress. Soon we will be migrating to a new infrastructure and website. Account management will change. This guide explains the functionality of account types pre- and post-migration.

Before migration (current)

Resonate is currently spread out between different sites which you have to log into separately.

  • The main site, where you can create and edit your account
  • The resonate player, where you can listen to music
  • The dashboard (currently only available to admins)

At this time, to post in the Community Forum, you need to create a separate Forum Account. You are encouraged to use the same email you used for your listener account or artist account.

Account types

Forum Account

Listener Account

Artist Account

Label Account

  • self sign-up currently disabled

Switching account types

Listener Account → Artist Account

To change a Listener Account to an Artist Account, visit this page. For changes between other account types, contact

After migration

Account types

[ needed ]


Users will still be able to log into Wordpress via

Why login to Wordpress?

For users, they can delete their Wordpress data.
For admins, they can use the interface to assist users.

Currently, track ownership is tied to Wordpress user ID number. This will continue after migration. Future plan is to build a system where track is associated with a (1) usergroup and (2) an owner account: artist, label, etc.

Accounts migration

Not all accounts will be migrated. dummy accounts won’t be migrated; they will become Personas under their label.

After migration, the artists affected could create an Artist Account on the new website and claim their Persona. A process will need to be established for this.



@auggod Currently, someone who creates a Listener Account or an Artist Account is not able to use this account to log into the forum. They have to create a separate Forum Account, although they can use the same email as before.

After the wordpress migration, will a user be able to log into the forum using one of these accounts? Will forum login be an integrated part of the ID server?

Yes, this is part of the plan.